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Health Care Solutions

The biggest investment in your healthcare facility is not technology – it’s people. Sazu Technologies  understands the business of the healthcare facilities and their regulatory environment. Administrators are always challenged to provide high quality patient care and safety as well as maintain capital cost controls and profitability. Sazu Technology's team of business and technical experts work closely with your staff to conduct feasibility study from a business standpoint. Our  team of trusted experts, with implementation experience in healthcare facilities, ensure that the asset location and visibility solution does not impact  the day-to-day operations and addresses patient safety concerns like  frequency interference with  critical care hospital equipment and medical devices. Sazu Technologies healthcare RFID solutions include real-time Asset Management, Equipment Maintenance, Humidity & Temperature Monitoring, Patient Flow, and Patient & Staff Safety.

Healthcare organizations today face numerous challenges due to lack of visibility – low utilization rates, over rental and over purchasing of medical equipment, non compliance with regulatory mandates, inefficient use of staff time, loss and theft of equipment and more. Sazu Technology leverages the existing hospital Wi-Fi network to provide visibility over a single unified solution at the lowest cost of ownership, combining a wide variety of location, status and condition information about valuable medical assets, patients and staff. Our solutions span all hospital departments and serve the needs of clinical staff, IT, materials management, clinical and biomedical engineers, laboratory personnel and others.


Sazu Technology's suite of healthcare solutions includes:


  • Asset Management


Mobile medical equipment inventory management poses many challenges: clinical staff is constantly searching for medical devices such as infusion pumps and wheelchairs, wait times for ordered equipment are long, clean utility rooms do not have the appropriate par levels for equipment, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets are lost and stolen on an annual basis and assets have low utilization rates. With a visibility solution hospitals can automate all the inventory management and receive real-time inventory counts at the click of a button, full control of rental equipment inventory is achieved, par level management is automated and material management and distribution services can receive automated alerts. In addition, trends in equipment availability and utilization can be easily identified and analyzed.


  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring


Safe temperature ranges for organs, vaccines, blood bags, food and pharmaceuticals are ensured through an automated Wi-Fi monitoring and alerting system. Sazu Technology's Wi-Fi temperature tags are simply placed in hospital refrigerators or freezers. In addition, humidity ranges in patient or operating rooms are monitored by Sazu Technology’s Wi-Fi humidity tags. The solution leverages the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network, it requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to install. Sazu Technology’s  software provides automated temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting, as well as all required logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.


  • Equipment Maintenance


Clinical and bio-med engineers maintain thousands of medical devices periodically. In many cases, a high percentage of the equipment is not maintained on time since assets cannot be found, leading to non-compliance and quality of care issues. With the Sazu Technology solution, any tagged equipment throughout the hospital campus can be located according to preventive maintenance pickup schedules, and automated maintenance alerts can also include equipment location and status. The solution can also be integrated to any existing clinical engineering system.


  • Patient Flow


In OR and ER/ED environments, knowing the exact location and status of patients, physicians, available rooms and key clinical equipment is critical to improving patient care, automating departmental workflow and increasing throughput. In these departments it is important to be able to get not only to a room or zone-level accuracy, but also to a bay-level accuracy (i.e. in Pre-Op or Recovery areas), and the Sazu Technology solution is the only Wi-Fi solution enabling this. In addition, all the location and status data can be integrated with relevant OR/ER information systems, enabling to prioritize and automate procedures and manage resources efficiently.


  • Patient and Staff Safety


Patients may need to alert staff in case of emergency when out of bed. In addition, hospital staff need to be notified when at-risk patients (e.g., psychiatric, trauma and elderly patients) wander into restricted areas or exit the building in an unauthorized manner. Hospital staff may also need to trigger an alert should there be a patient problem or if patients are posing a risk to them. The Sazu Technology solution enables pervasive monitoring throughout the hospital and automatically alerting on safety events in real-time as well as enabling constant tracking of patients and staff for improved overall safety.

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