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Mine Safety Solutions

Mine Security Solution

Sazu Technologies have an established, reliable track record for providing the best of breed technology to the Underground, Aboveground, Coal Mining & Oil and Gas Industry Sectors. We understand Industry specific requirements and have the ability to install, maintain & support various technologies.


Underground Tracking And Tagging

Our WiFi tracking system is developed specifically for use in underground mines and tunnelling applications. The system tracks active Tags, carried by personnel or attached to vehicles and other equipment.

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Vehicle and Production Monitering

Mining companies are realising the value they can unlock from existing business through having access to relevant Real Time Information. Real Time Information fed to appropriate management systems enable end users to automate operational decision making. An automated decision making process can be faster and more accurate when compared to reliance on human data input and/or decision making that is prone to a multitude of errors and biases. In addition human decision making is reliant on the individual being available at the appropriate time.

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Survelliance Solution

Gold, platinum ,diamond and coal mines could not be operated without video security technology. Its main purpose is to prevent losses during the mining process and the sorting procedure. CCTV surveillance also proves highly useful in regard to health and safety at work or the investigation of damage events.

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Wireless Solution:

With the rapid adoption of wireless technology across the mining sector, Sazu Technologies is helpng clients understand and take full advantage of emerging opportunities. If you are experiencing challenges with existing wireless deployments , actively considering the introduction of new technology or simply confused by all the options, contact Sazu Technologies now.

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