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SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 by a group of GIS experts and researchers, dedicated to developing and providing the most innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) platform software for the worldwide customers. Through years of efforts, SuperMap has developed a series of innovative GIS products, including Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS and Mobile GIS, making SuperMap GIS known as one of the most complete GIS software platform.

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AeroScout is the global market leader in Unified Asset Visibility. Customers improve operational efficiency using AeroScout products that leverage standard Wi-Fi networks to track and manage the location, condition and status of mobile assets and people. The company invented the first Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tag and now, AeroScout’s solutions are used by more than 800 customers worldwide in healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, logistics and other industries to automate business processes and improve operations. Our partnerships with Accenture, Cisco Systems, HP, NEC and other leading technology and solution providers have brought AeroScout solutions to the forefront of the rapidly expanding marketplace.

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Mine Site Technologies (MST) is a global communications leader with 23 years of experience in the design, manufacture, deployment, service and support of critical, high quality, solutions for communications networks; including voice communications, vehicle and personnel tracking, production optimisation, and safety in underground and surface mining applications. We are also applying the experience and knowledge gained in creating products for use in the harsh and difficult environments of mining to create products that are purposed for use in demanding industrial environments as well. Founded in Australia in 1989 MST deployed the first commercially available PED (Personal Emergency Device) using TTE (Through the Earth) technology. Since that time MST has developed and expanded its suite of communications technologies to deliver total communication solutions. These technologies range from VDV Leaky Feeder Radio Systems to the newest Wi-Fi (IP) based ImPact “One Network” Digital System. Mine Site Technologies solutions are deployed at hundreds of mine sites around the world.

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Mine Site Techonologies

Amadea Technologies is leading solution provider for interactive solutions in Europe. The company is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and have clients around the globe.

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