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Prepaid Retail Point

Are you in calling card business ? Are you a distributor or reseller of calling cards ? Do you want to  have your own platform to sell calling cards  ? Here is the good news , we have a solution that is specially designed for calling card business. Prepaid Retail Point is a web and desktop software solution for calling card business. Our software can help you maximize your business and minimize your cost of delivering the hard copy of the cards to your clients. Now , your customers can just login to your site or download the software and login to  buy your cards , the pin will be instantly delivered to them. Prepaid Retail Point is designed with all the aspects of distributor, reseller and end user in mind. With wide range of reports and payment option, it has never been easier to sell your cards online. No hassle to deliver the cards to your customers !!  print it directly from site or software !!

Some Features :

  • Multilevel Distributor / Reseller and User Option
  • End user can directly buy the cards  upon registration.
  • Direct Payment system with Ideal and Paypal Integrated
  • Bulk Pin Upload with CSV
  • Desktop software for clients or callshop.
  • Direct registration and ready to use.
  • Chat directly with representative.

Backend Features :

  • Offers and Posters Management
  • Multiple level accounts for distributor , reseller, clients and end users.
  • Multilevel operators option.
  • Update/Add/Edit credits
  • Different price for different groups of users.
  • Reviews Management
  • Site Page Management
  • Newsletters
  • Clear reports of sales, products, stock, according to user or groups of users and by date.
  • Backup /Restore Database
  • IP security to allow a user to login through only one ip.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Manage products without tax .
  • Block IP address from visiting the site.

Prepaid Retail Point - Admin OverviewPrepaid Retail Point Product Management

Software Features :

  • Lightweight client that works with Windows XP and above.
  • Touchscreen compatible.
  • Complete report of sales,pins, categories etc.
  • Option to print more than one card at a time.
  • Chat option.


Check the online demo at :

Check the admin panel at :

Login : admin

Password : admin







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