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Prison Solutions

Combining software engineering expertise, experience in access control, and industry-leading Wi-Fi RFID technology, we offer custom solutions which enable companies to accurately track and manage assets, monitor key indicators, and make decisions based on real-time information.

Prisoners will fitted with a RFID bracelet or anklet and prison guards will wear a pager that emits a radio signal. Within secure perimeter prisoners to make their way around the complex without staff escorts, it will minimize staff engaged in continuous supervision of prisons, or watching closed circuit monitors. A signal from the RFID tags will be sent every two to eight seconds, containing information such as the bracelet’s identity and the status of the device. By triangulation of the signals, picked up by several readers, the position of the prisoner will be determined. The system will raise an alarm if a prisoner enters a restricted area, or if they’re not where they’re supposed to be. If the bracelets are tampered with, an alarm will be raised.


Wi-Fi RFID tag for thief protection


Never Forget or Lose Your Stuff Again!


Patented wireless technology RFID alerts you when the tagged item moves beyond your comfort zone – effectively preventing loss, theft, or just forgetting an item. Attach the tag to any of your belongings. Turn on the MONITOR. Set the range – Short or Long. Monitor will track your tags and will alarm you when they are outside the set range.

Keep track of cell phones, briefcases and other commonly lost or stolen items, the electronic “security cable” for your portable valuables. Secure a tag to the item, and then set the monitor’s boundary to short (up to 30 feet) or long-range (up to 100 feet). The tiny monitor can attach to a belt loop or key ring; or slip it into a pocket or purse. If your item strays too far, a loud alarm alerts you!

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