Technologies with endless vision

Touch Screen Advertisement

Turn your window into an interactive advertising space!

Sazu Technologies takes window shopping to a new dimension. Our interactive display solutions will help you to generate more business and draw more customers into your shop.

Display your web site or your specials and adverts on the window! Potential customers in the street are attracted by the bright digital images. Vision sells! Our interactive signage enables customers to obtain information on your products just by touching the window – they can browse your entire catalogue of products, even place orders while the shop is closed, just by virtually extending your opening hours with the Advertising Touchscreen. It’s designed to increase your sales!

Add sound transducers to your interactive advertising screen and you’ll have “through window sound”, attracting even more customers!


Benefits of your interactive window advertising:


  • Increase your profits by attracting customers to YOUR shop – driving additional sales.
  • No need for expensive static displays. Exciting and informative active displays do attract attention immediately!
  • Improve your image
  • Show your customers your entire product range on your window – they can order online even while the shop is  closed!
  • Promote your specials when the screen is not in use. Increase the opportunity for customers to buy from you, not    your competitors!
  • Update your service and product range and instantly display the changes.
  • Offer your advertising space as paid advertising to your business partners. This will pay back your investment in no  time and before you know it will provide you with an extra income!
  • Have a twenty four hour sales assistant working for you. Maximise your sales opportunities. More time for your   advertising to influence your customers.
  • Remotely manage the content to be displayed and display the changes network wide, reducing management costs.
  • he software supports existing multimedia formats, so no need for additional development.

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