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Underground Tracking and Tagging


Underground mining is one of the most extreme and dangerous occupations from many prospectives. First of all, all mining operations are carried out in very hazardious environments. Some major type of hazards are fire explosions, toxic gases, floods, roof falls and in mine vehicle accidents. Any of these accidents might end up with fatalities or disabilities with such environments. Secondly, when serious accidents happen during mining operations emergency response for underground mines is much more difficult than other types of environments. Thirdly, inspite of the extreme environment efficiency, proper management and productivity are very essential factors for mining operations.


So how can we resolve these issues ?

                          Answer is better TRACKING and COMMUNICATION system.


The most vital importance of communication for underground mining appears when an accident occurs, information flow, including co-ordination workers and tracking them is carried out by communications in emergency conditions.


Our mine tracking solution is specifically designed with state of art and most up to date technology. Our tracking system is based on WiFi RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology. It not only tracks miners location but also all the assets including vehicles, equipments, sensors and much more.


MineTracking Solutions

Components of our Mine Tracking System

  • Tag
  • Wifi Access Points (Readers / Beacons)
  • Information Units
  • Tracking Software


Tracking Software

Our tracking system maintains continually updated lists of tag locations that can be viewed, searched and edited using a user friendly interface. Our  database compares tag and beacon data against its records of who, or what, is carrying each tag to build information on its location and movements within the system The primary display includes a listing of all tags currently logged into the system. Each record clearly displays a tag number, the name of the tag holder, and the time and location they were last in vicinity of a beacon. This listing can be filtered or sorted on any of the following attributes. It has a very power full reporting system. Users can easily view any kind of reports within just a few clicks including miners location history, alert history, corrective actions, number of miners inside/outside mine, distress call reports etc and much more.


Mine Asset Tracking Software


How it works?

Every mine personnel carries Tags. The tags can also be attached to the equipments (Vehicles, machinery, Sensors (Gas, Fire, Flood etc). The Tags transmit a unique ID + Stored information to the Access Points (Readers/Beacons) via WiFi channel. The Access Points communicates with the Tracking server at Control Center (Communication Room). Since we use WiFi Access points, it can act as a Highway for other transferring different data via the same Access points. So, other technologies such as VOIP, Wireless Communications, IP Cameras, IP Broadcasting system, WiFi PDA devices can also be implemented. The Tracking software keeps recorded of all the data sent via tags and WiFi mobile units in real time.


Why our system is the best worker safety Solution?

Miners Tracking – Headcount, location and validated status of all the miners is provided both underground and on-the surface.

Evacuation and Mustering – In case of controlled blasts or emergency evacuation, presence at mustering points are automatically confirmed and recorded, and any missing workers can be easily located.

Access Control – Instant and Accurate alerts can be triggered at gateways and tunnels based of personnel movements or unauthorized entrance.

Injury and Distress Alerting – Miners can press the panic button located on Tags to communicate their location when immediate help is required. Lack of movements on a predetermined amount of time can trigger MINER DOWN alert.


Our  RFID Tags transmit their unique ID (and battery status) to a Reader/Access Point over a range of 100-150 meters. They use a tunable matched loop antenna printed on the circuit board. The Tags transmit on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and can receive signals on a special 125kHz frequency.

WiFi Access Points (Readers /Beacons):

Readers (Wireless Access Points) receive Tag ID’s, transmitted by Wi-Fi signal, and then transmit that data back to the PC at Central Office via the mine’s Ethernet or other digital network in place. The data is typically transmitted by fibre optic cable and radio modems. A combination of links may be integrated to carry both up-stream and down-stream data.

Information Display Units Information:

Display Units are large LED displays or LCD Screens mounted in stainless steel enclosures, that allow certain informations like No. of miners inside zone, Emergency alerts, zone alerts information to be displayed at specific locations if required (e.g. at important Reader locations, mine entrances/exits, panel or section entries, etc). The use of these displays streamlines personnel and vehicle access control. Typical applications are

Zone DetectorZone Detector Zone TrackerZone Tracker

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