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Web/ Mobile Applications

Our consulting team provides thought leadership, research, and consulting on digital strategies. We work closely with our clients to craft and deliver successful, long-term strategies which integrate customer/community needs, business objectives, and technology. Our solutions help you to get the best value from the internet, mobile and IT world. Today mobile users are going up every day and there is only one thing that is beating these numbers in this space and that is Number of Mobile applications. At Sazu technologies we recognized it since our inception and that’s why this domain has been our one of the primary focus area. Be it Symbian, Blackberry or brand new Android, iphone, ipad, we can develop quality applications on almost all platforms.

The following keeps us apart from other developers :

  • Wide array of devices – We at Sazu technologies can develop the application for almost any mobile platform be it personal or enterprise. What more, we have a complete array of mobile devices to do our testing so clients never have to worry about it.
  • Proven track records – We’ve amassed a proven track record of successfully deploying full-fledged mobile applications.
  • Web and Mobile at same place – We believe it’s the web which makes mobile domain more attractive. We can be the single point  contact for any web + mobile related development reducing overhead for the customers.

One of the most interesting parts of developing websites for our clients is learning about their business. We need to understand the aims of a business and how it works, so that this can be interpreted through the website. This process involves discussion with appropriate people, gathering content, defining the structure and gaining their buy-in to the project. As far as websites are concerned “Content is King” – there’s no point having a nice looking site if the information is not useful, interesting and easy to find. Your website is an extremely important part of your business. There are so many more aspects to a professional website than just design and taking it lightly can greatly impact your overall business success.

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