Technologies with endless vision

Wirless Communication

With the rapid adoption of wireless technology across·the mining sector, Sazu Technology is helping clients understand and take full advantage of·emerging opportunities .

IP Camera Solution For Mines


If you are experiencing challenges with existing wireless deployments,·actively considering the introduction of new technology or simply confused by all the options,·contact Sazu Technology now. Our·engineering staff·are·experts in resolving real-world wireless challenges.·Our key client services include;

Advisory services - independent technology assessment, vendor & product performance reviews, on-site spectrum strategy
The wireless landscape is cluttered by·technical debate and options - proprietary versus standards based, licensed versus unlicensed spectrum, mesh versus point-to-point.
Sazu Technology Strategy Services help clients navigate and make sound business decisions in this environment. Our staff·boast·deep experience in wireless·design, radio interference, regulation, spectrum and component availability, certification, security, future technology trends, upgrade costs and network operating costs.
Our·independent advisory services provide·simple·recommendations to complex·technical issues.·Drawing on real world deployment experiences,·we pride ourselves on providing advice that is factual, relevant and unbiased.

Strategy Services

Technology Assessment – quick studies to assess·wireless technologies and·related business opportunities

Technology Strategy – detailed commercial, technical and operational assessment of·wireless technology

Network Cost Modelling – total cost of ownership lifecycle modelling of wireless network solutions

Product and Technology Trial Programs – comprehensive design, implementation and management of

product network and technology trials - supported by in-house design expertise and testing laboratory

Deployment and Operations Strategy - full scale business planning related to deployment and operations of wireless systems

Vendor Selection – identification, assessment and selection of vendor solutions based on client


AMI Strategy – strategic advice for utility organisations considering AMI infrastructure deployment

Product development - quality services for developing·& commercialising new product - our·extensive·R&D experience reduces·your  project risk & cost...

Sazu Technology offers a complete suite of engineering services for the design and manufacture of high-end embedded systems with centers of excellence in precision instrumentation including magnetics and geospatial positioning, sensor calibration, and advanced wireless systems.
Our commitment to innovation and quality has enabled our customers to be recognised as leaders in their respective markets and develop patentable intellectual property.··
We continue to develop, manufacture and support world-class products for the medical, defence, mining, professional instrumentation and high-end consumer markets.

Technical support - remote and on-site engineering services to maintain, troubleshoot and repair wireless networks                         

                             -·our·experience·minimises your·down-time...

Wireless networks require ongoing support to maintain quality performance levels. Such·support can be a significant driver·of the total cost of ownership, typically including·on-site·and remote technical support,·user documentation and network·diagnosis and repair.Sazu Technology offers a full suite of wireless operations services including; performance monitoring, network optimisation, technical support, design and upgrades. The Sazu Technology Operations Centre·is an advanced·facility for centralised network monitoring,·diagnosis and repair. Our field engineers are equipped with the latest wireless technologies and able to communicate closely with central operations facilities. All Sazu Technology’s processes have been developed for wireless systems and can be tailored for specific client requirements.So whether you need 24×7 high-level support or on-demand troubleshooting, Sazu Technology offer a range of operational services to meet your business·objectives.

Operations Services

  • Operations Management – management of·network operations, including processes, tools and resource requirements

  • Support – 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical support for wireless systems

  • Site Survey and Troubleshooting·- advanced tools and prcoesses for assessing and optimising wieless networks

  • Performance Monitoring – proactively managing wireless·networks for maximum uptime

  • Training – documentation and workshops for training clients and sales/support staff

  • Auditing & Testing – verifying the performance of an operational wireless system

  • Infill and Optimisation – improving the performance of an operational wireless system

  • Design & Deployment – extending the coverage or capacity of an operational wireless system

  • Technology Migration – managing the introduction of new product and/or system upgrades

  • Sazu Technology is a specialist·engineering company with extensive expertise in the design, deployment and support of wireless systems. We have successfully designed and deployed over thirty wireless networks for harsh environments and design and supply a leading portfolio of·OEM down-hole survey·equipment for the mining industry.

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